Unilever: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

- Create print ready key visuals to align with the brands re-introduction to Fabio in their Land of Can't Believe.
- Finalize 2 conceptual layouts from the creatives.
- First we set up studio shots for the hero products. From there we ventured to the harbor, which we happen to work very close to.

We actually shot the tray after I rigged it up to float in the ocean in the dead cold of winter. We shot around the harbor for content we might've been able to use and sourced stock imagery for the rest. From there, myself and 2 other retouchers collectively composited scene portions to be brought together into 2 main layouts. We composited the billboards, all the environments and the buoys. The whale was CGI.


*We handed off assets that were edited for the client's website and social media pages. That artwork was not refined by me or my team. 

Photographer: Kara Kochalko, Food Stylist: Monica Mariano Retouching Team: Alex Abdalian (Digi-tech), Jana Heidenrich and myself, of course.


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