Personal project  |  stock compositing  |  3D/Photoshop exploration
I keep seeing creatives making these hero composites on social media via Photoshop, but there's an easier way...
Assuming your box/bottle/product is fairly easy to recreate first in Illustrator, (or maybe you already have the model) you can stage and render said product in Dimension. This tool gives you the opportunity to work faster and produce more content with your product in a more versatile, but high-end way. 

Don't sleep on this program. I have no 3D skills past this, but I treat it as an extension of my regular Photoshop workflow. Attached is a little tutorial walk through and a few renders I made in about 2 work days worth of free time. All assets were free via Adobe Stock. Labels recreated in Illustrator. Retouched in Photoshop. Sharing is caring. 

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