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I've got a sweet spot for apocalyptic movies... especially if they're somewhat (within reason, of course) believable. This story actually seemed possible in today's climate. I know this movie didn't do well in the comment sections, but I enjoyed it. They did a great job of misleading the viewer and leaving us guessing through most of the film. The dynamic character build and evolving relationships seemed very real. Per usual, I try to incorporate some of the storyline into my posters. With 2 of the 4 main characters in the frame, the car of the family that rents their house for an AirBnB get-a-way is framed on the wall behind them since that family sort of took over the house. Inevitably, the car is driving towards the city above as civilization crumbles. No matter where you go, no one's safe. 
Since the TV played such a big part in the film, I made this piece to rotate the way old rolling static used to on cable televisions -  you'll notice the top of the frame overlaps with the bottom. If this were a larger campaign, the other family member could be featured as heroes as well:

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